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Vines, Wines, and
above all else, Friends.

Clos 58 Cote Du Roussillon Caramany


At the end of 2018, Clos 58 was born ! However one doesn’t become a winegrower overnight ! Far from our formal and codified former professional lives, we have learnt to listen to Nature and to take time to observe, analyse and understand the grapevine, a temperamental and generous vine. What a bliss to witness Nature at work ! What excitement to practice the alchemy of blending, to marvel at the magic of ageing, to behold the evolution of the living wine.

4 friends
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Clos 58 is first and foremost the story of friends: Sylvie, Victoire, Gilles and Marc. Four mates who met long, long ago… far, far away from the vineyards of Cassagnes !





logo clos58
Clos 58 Cote Du Roussillon Caramany


Our goal is simple: promote the fruits from the Caramany terroir.

Here, at Clos 58, nothing is left to chance: plot selection, harvest and separate winemaking for each plot, controlled fermentation, tank and barrel ageing… We want to preserve the expression of the original fruit at all cost, and extract its essence to shape exceptional wines, translating the uniqueness of our terroir from which comes the complexity of our wines.

Our cuvées are the result of true craftsmanship. We try to control the whole process, from the land to the bottle. Well, we think we have control ! Because, every time, the unforeseen takes over, the plants decide, the grapes express themselves, the wine is disclosed… Nature stays at the helm. In the end, this is the most beautiful part of our new job.


For us, wine is a space of freedom, of creation,of innovation and of sharing to express our drive to go back to basics, to Nature and to the pleasure of simple things. Making wine for the sake of making wine was not our goal. We shape our wines guided by instinct, they are charming, powerful and vibrant. Clos 58 allows us to contribute to the mutation of the world of winemaking.


Growing our vineyards respecting the environment was just obvious. Our agricultural practices were developed by centering them around the environment and as such are sustainable, ecologically committed and durable. They are the perfect mix of tradition and innovation to allow us to preserve soils, rivers and of course biodiversity.

We want to develop a modern vineyards management that reflects organic agriculture with one motto: give Nature a chance without rushing it up and with the least human intervention possible. We only accompany the cycle of the grapevine. We took inspiration for our practices from biodynamic agriculture. Each step of making our wines is planned to be in osmosis with the surrounding environment in order to best translate the expression of our terroir. Exceptional wines reflecting our adventure, our Clos 58.